Love Broome Terms & Conditions

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In booking a Love Broome Text or Image Listing, the advertiser hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions outlined below:

  1. 20% Member Discount:
    This discount is exclusively available to financial members of the Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc).
  2. Payment Terms:
    1. Invoices are generated upon the receipt of a booking.
    2. It is a prerequisite of the booking that the entire outstanding amount is settled in full by the stipulated booking deadline. Failure to meet this condition may result in the removal of any advertisements that remain unpaid by the specified date.
    3. All confirmed advertising and business listings are non-refundable once they have been confirmed.
  3. Cancellation or Changes to Advert Sizes:
    1. Changes regarding the size or category of advertising subsequent to the booking deadline will be subject to the discretion of the publisher.
    2. Disclaimer: The Advertised Business is entirely responsible for indemnifying the Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) against any liability, loss, expense, or demand arising from false, misleading, or deceptive representations or statements made by the Broome Chamber:
      1. As the publisher of the Advertising Business’ information.
      2. Arising from any fact or circumstance resulting from information published concerning the Advertised Business.
  4. Publication Disputes:
    1. All disputes regarding publications must be lodged within four months of the publication release.

Please ensure that you thoroughly review and acknowledge these terms and conditions before finalising any advertising commitments with the Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc).