Connecting business & young Aboriginal people in the workplace

Delivered by Regional Chambers of Commerce & Industry funded by Department of Training and Workforce Development

About the program

Working Together is a dedicated services with a focus on providing information, support and advice to business owners and operators in the West Kimberley to attract recruit and retain young Aboriginal employees.

Working in collaboration with the local Jobs and Skills Centre, Working Together aims to expand employment, training and mentorship opportunities for young Aboriginal people by connecting them with local business.

Working Together is about delivering local jobs for local people.

Benefits for you

Having a diverse workplace that welcomes Aboriginal employees brings a range of benefits, your business grows with the unique perspectives, experience and knowledge that Aboriginal people can bring to your team and the whole community.

Whether it is offering employment or work experience and becoming a workplace of choice for young Aboriginal People.

Working Together is here to support you to grow your workforce and expand your community’s local employment prospects and opportunities.

How to get involved

Working in partnership with your local Jobs and Skills Centre, the Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry can help you become a workplace of choice, to attract and retain Aboriginal employees.  Through our annual program of events combined with individual tailored visits to your business, we are here to help. Click here to register.

Key services

  • General information on employing Aboriginal people
  • Access to mentoring and training services
  • Information on financial support
  • How to become a workplace of choice for young Aboriginal people
  • Connecting you with potential young Aboriginal employees
  • Access to cultural awareness training

Jobs Board

If you’re looking for an Aboriginal employee, or employees, there’s no better place to advertise your vacancy than the Aboriginal Services jobs board. As a registered employer, this completely free service lets you create your own job advertisements and post them to the jobs board, and we will also look for matches with our registered jobseekers and refer them to your vacancy.

The jobs board is a completely free service to support employers and business owners.  CLICK HERE

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the Working Together alliance, creating employment opportunities for young Aboriginal people.


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Working Together West Kimberley – Employing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians – A Guide for Employers Click here to download 

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