Lobbying & Advocacy

Industry Representation

‘By standing together, we amplify the voice of our business community and bring industry concerns directly to key decision-makers’.

With six major industries in Broome and the wider West Kimberley, Broome Chamber’s Executive Committee seeks to attract nominations from members electing for a committee position from diverse backgrounds. With the intent to have all major industry sectors in Broome and the West Kimberley region represented at our boardroom table. With often conflicting agendas and different viewpoints we ensure our strategic direction is concise, robust and in favour of the majority of our membership base.

Elected Executive Committee members and our Chief Executive Officer regularly meet with Industry-specific groups including:

  • The Chamber of Minerals and Energy
  • Master Builders Association Australia

Elected Executive Committee members and our Chief Executive Officer regularly meet with Industry-specific groups to seek specific advice, refer members that may require relevant assistance and to share information and knowledge of local trends and forecasts. In addition, the Broome Chamber also holds various professional memberships that we refer to as ‘in-kind’. This allows a swap of membership for industry specific organisations to become active members of our Chamber and we of theirs, resulting in opportunities and collaboration amongst our members and theirs.

Broome Chamber is a proud member of the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry WA (RCCIWA) and attends regular monthly meetings, share and learn events and two member forums annually. We work together with other Regional Chambers to share resources, and information, lobby and advocate on your behalf and network.

Broome Chamber is a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA). By holding a one-on-many membership with CCIWA we allow our members to have access to resources and member benefits that CCIWA offer. We meet with CCIWA quarterly, participate in state-wide surveys and relay information back to specific departments for the benefit of our members. CCIWA also represent our members in pre-budget submissions, and when advocating on state-wide policy issues.

Benefits to you: Strong representation from all sectors on a national level, strongly supported by other Chambers and Industry Associations. As our members, we support your interests and ensure your voice is heard where it matters most.

For more information: ceo@broomechamber.com.au

Government Lobbying & Advocacy

‘Influencing the actions of decision-makers and drawing awareness to our members about a topic or issue, with an aim to cause political action’.

As an A-political organisation, we work strongly and concisely with all levels of government representing all interests of our members. Twice per year, the Broome Chamber meets with Ministers over a full-day forum at Hale House to discuss issues affecting our members and the wider Kimberley region. We regularly survey our members to monitor issues and assess business confidence and concern. We regularly write to Ministers and the opposition following election commitments of both the State and Federal government, submitting questions formally following the annual budget release and co-hosting a budget event with the local Kimberley Development Commission.

Benefits to you: The Broome Chamber has excellent relationships with local members of all levels of government and regularly hosts events and round tables specific to industry sectors and arising issues. We also host a ‘meet the candidates’ event for every election, allowing our members to be informed and ask questions to all parties.

For more information: ceo@broomechamber.com.au

Policy Development and Influence

‘We have a track record of championing policy that will grow and diversify the economy for all West Australians’.

The Broome Chamber works closely with CCIWA’s Chief Policy Officer, State and Federal Governments, and other Industry bodies, to ensure our members’ interests and the interests of the WA community are heard and remain top of mind. By standing together, we amplify the voice of our stakeholders – businesses, families, consumers and the WA workforce – and bring industry and WA community concerns directly to key decision-makers.

The strategies we employ for policy and advocacy work
Broome Chamber Policy Development and Influence strategies

Benefits to you: We provide timely, accurate and insightful analysis of the state of the WA economy. By leveraging conventional, alternative, and real-time data sources, we comprehensively unpack key issues facing the global, national and state economies and form a robust view of WA’s economic future. We share our insights with the community by providing frequent communication through various publications.

For more information: ceo@broomechamber.com.au

Support navigating government

‘Outcomes focused Assistance for businesses navigating the bureaucratic processes across all levels of government’

With a Business Adviser available to help you understand and navigate your business needs, whether it be for registration, licenses, permits, approvals, or tendering requirements we are here to help you. We know things aren’t always straightforward, but our experienced team understands and will support you through the process.

Benefits to you: Free support, guidance, and expertise available one-on-one through face-to-face advisory.

For more information: adviser@broomechamber.com.au

Reports on business confidence, Industry trends and Economic Landscapes

‘Providing the most up to date information on business trends, confidence and economic landscapes’.

Independently we produce an annual business report, that highlights business concerns, confidence, and local issues. And in partnership with CCIWA, we produce a Statewide quarterly confidence report that highlights economic updates.

The Chamber also produces topical studies and position papers on various trending issues which are both publicly released or privately used in targeted lobbying campaigns. In the past, these have included a West Kimberley Beef market opportunity study, Fitzroy Crossing Economic opportunities Study, a Childcare position paper, a Crime and the Impact it has on Business report and many others.

Benefits to you: Topical, trending and regularly available information.

For more information: ceo@broomechamber.com.au