Kimberley DAMA

The Kimberley DAMA is an agreement between the East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce (EKCCI) and the Federal Government that allows employers operating in the Kimberley region to access a broader range of occupations than standard skilled migration avenues, and with numerous concessions including experience, age, and in some cases salary and English, among others. These arrangements help employers attract and retain the right people to our region on a sustainable basis, where they have not been able to fill positions from the Australian labour market.

The Kimberley DAMA Designated Area aligns with the Local Government Area of the Shire of Wyndham East-Kimberley, The Shire of Broome, The Shire of Halls Creek, and The Shire of Derby-West Kimberley.

Employers requesting endorsement must have operations in the Designated Area, and the position/s being sought must be located within the operations of the employer within the Designated area.
The Kimberley DAMA is accessible to all employers operating in the Kimberley region and is not exclusive to EKCCI members.


Accessing the Kimberley DAMA is a two-step process. Nominating individual workers against pre-approved occupation and position numbers under a Kimberley DAMA labour agreement involves a further two steps. The following diagram shows these four steps and who is responsible for each.

For more information on how to submit a Kimberley DAMA Request for Endorsement, please contact the East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce or visit their website below.

Please note that the Kimberley DAMA is for Employers only, it does not assist individuals looking for employment. Migrants that have arrived on the Kimberley DAMA may be interested in our Relocation Support Services.