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In order to assist you in managing your Human Resource requirements within your business, we’ve curated a diverse set of resources, which includes job advertisement templates designed to streamline the recruitment process.

As a member of the Broome Chamber, you also have access to the full range of resources offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia (CCIWA). Most of CCIWA’s resources can be accessed by visiting the ‘Resource Centre’ tab on their website,

Within this resource centre, you’ll find a wide array of templates and informative links, complete with information sheets that outline and explain various aspects of HR protocols, recruitment strategies, leave policies, modern awards, employee final payouts, national employment standards, and more.

Make use of the HR Health Check tool that’s available for assessing and optimising your business’s HR practices. Additionally, take advantage of the Employee Relations Advice centre by contacting the CCIWA HR Advisors on 08 9365 7660 for personalised guidance. You can reach out to them to address any challenges you may be facing and to seek advice and support.

If you require your membership number from the Broome Chamber and don’t have it on hand, please call 08 9193 5553 or email

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