Business After Hours – Terms & Conditions

Business After Hours (BAH) Event Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions outline the agreement between the Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) and the hosting party for a Business After Hours (BAH) event.

Event Logistics and Responsibilities:

  1. The Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) will handle all logistical arrangements for the BAH event, which typically draws an attendance ranging from 70 to 90 individuals.
  2. The event features a different business each month, and Host(s) have the option to either conduct the event solo or collaborate with other businesses to increase attendance and reduce costs.
  3. Our team is responsible for ensuring a seamless evening, providing name tags, introductions by the executive committee, and organising drinks and food for the attendees.

Booking and Payment:

  1. To secure your preferred BAH hosting date, a non-refundable booking fee of $300 + GST is required.
  2. All event-related expenses, including catering, beverages, and other incurred costs, will be invoiced following the event, with payment terms of 14 days. If you are co-hosting this event, all expenses will be split equally between your co-hosts.

Promotion and Event Details:

  1. The Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) will actively promote the event through its events calendar, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns to a mailing list of 1600+ subscribers.
  2. The event will be held between 5pm – 7pm, allowing ample networking opportunities for attendees.

Host’s Participation and Presentation:

  1. The Host(s)will have up to 10 minutes each to address the captured audience during the event.
  2. An amp and microphone can be provided at no additional cost if required by the Host(s).
  3. The Host(s) has the opportunity to provide a door prize, corporate merchandise, giveaways, or special offers to attendees.

Event Execution and Support:

  1. The Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) will organise, set up, and pack down the event, including catering and beverage service, enabling the Host(s)to focus on showcasing their business, team members, and services.
  2. Food and beverages will be served by the Broome Chamber during the event.


  1. Any additional specific requirements should be communicated and agreed upon before the event.
  2. The Host(s) is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information provided during their presentation.
  3. The Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions as necessary.

By confirming the booking and participating in the Business After Hours event, the Host(s) agrees to adhere to these terms and conditions outlined by the Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc).