Chinatown Ladies Night – Friday August 7

Chinatown Ladies Night is happening FRIDAY August 7!

Fun Fun Fun!
Ladies, it’s time to frock up and head into Chinatown  for a huge night of instore promotions and activities, entertainment, food and bubbles!
Ladies’ Night is back for the third year in a row, and whilst there may not be any races this year to frock up for, the Chinatown Traders, supported by the revitalisation project, are ready to welcome you for a fun packed evening of entertainment and activities from 4.30pm to 8pm.


Ladies Night Program

A Message from the President – Survive or Thrive

Unless a vaccine is found very soon, the 2020 Year of COVID-19 could well turn out to be the first of several years where COVID-19 continues to impact our lives and our businesses. If so, we will have to learn to adapt and live with this virus for some time. Multiple regions, like Victoria, and many countries are experiencing a type of second wave as they emerge from hard lockdowns which have already severely impacted jobs, businesses and the economies.  State and international border closures have inoculated WA from a second wave so far but how long can WA remain isolated from the rest of Australia and the world?

How many more disruptive lockdowns can our modern, integrated economies survive if widespread lockdowns continue to be the response to further outbreaks? And how much further can State and Federal governments go into debt to fund JobSeeker, JobKeeper and multiple business survival packages to lessen the impact of these lockdowns?

There is now ample evidence that this virus cannot be totally eradicated so perhaps it is time to look at different approaches until a vaccine is delivered. An approach where the focus is not on economy destroying widespread lockdowns, but on continuing promotion of sensible social distancing and providing the maximum resources possible towards directly protecting and supporting those most vulnerable to COVID-19 until a vaccine is available? We must get people back in work and businesses back in business as quickly as possible.

There is no doubt small and medium sized businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 control measures. Unfortunately, some local businesses have already closed their doors, many jobs have been lost, the 2020 tourist season has started late, and visitor numbers are down.  Tourism touches so many people and businesses in Broome and that sector has been hit particularly hard.

It is tough out there and it’s going to continue to be tough.  But what never ceases to amaze me is how resilient, tenacious, adaptable and innovative small business operators are.  With a healthy balance of realism and optimism many businesses are making the changes necessary to adapt and survive.  We are seeing this first hand in many of the Business Excellence Awards entries that have been submitted so far.  Our message to governments is that supporting the small business sector will be the quickest way back to providing jobs and getting the economy moving again.

We should never underestimate small businesses capability to survive and thrive. And Broome remains a good place to do that. There are few places that can match Broome’s liveability, lifestyle options and potential.

And perhaps without realising it, Broome has achieved a very diverse economy over the last decade or so with no one sector dominating, and many sectors have only been marginally affected to date.  Broome is still a very attractive place to visit and will benefit from the reluctance of many to travel overseas which may continue for some years.  The potential for a bumper shoulder season is very good.

There are good thing happening.  We will see the local construction sector strengthen in the next couple of months on the back of a significant increase in residential land sales thanks to government subsidies and continuing low interest rates.  The Kimberley Marine Supply Base is preparing for construction to start early next year and don’t discount Sheffield Resources re-energising their Thunderbird operations soon.  We are also likely to see domestic cruises, confined to the WA coast, starting up soon and Broome will be the number one attraction.

Broome also has a large range of shovel ready projects waiting for funding.  The Chamber has taken a lead role along with the Shire and other key stakeholders to pull together a Three Year COVID-19 Recovery Plan seeking to accelerate funding for these shovel ready infrastructure projects to create local jobs and increase money supply into the local economy. The Federal and State Governments has the money, we have the projects…… ready to go.

Broome’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan is our submission for some of this funding. Our competitive advantage is that these projects are ready to go and we have been able to demonstrate that the community is aligned and supportive of these projects.  I urge you to read the attached plan which also demonstrates the huge potential for Broome as a regional centre and a great place to live.

The future still looks bright!

President BCCI

Business after Hours – EOI For First BAH Since COVID!

Are You Ready for Business after Hours?

With COVID restrictions easing, the Chamber is looking at facilitating a BAH from July onwards (this will change if COVID restrictions change).

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from Chamber members who are interested in hosting a BAH to showcase their business.

Get your business at the forefront of everyone’s minds at Broome’s Premier Networking Event!


Register Your Interest TODAY!

Please call the Chamber on (08) 9193 5553 or email to register your interest.

You must be a Chamber member to host a Business after Hours.

Click HERE to see what’s required in hosting.

Keeping the positives from social isolation

As restrictions in WA start to slowly ease and we look to the future there may be a few questions to consider. What will the new normal look like? How will things be different? What can I continue doing? What do I need to let go of?

The speed at which everyone’s lives changed when the outbreak occurred thrust many of us into a massive adjustment period. Initially it was all about finding ways to work remotely and setting up home offices.  Next came the luxury of “time”. With the travel bans in place we found ourselves gaining back time. Life slowed down. This opened up opportunities for us to enjoy hobbies, get to know our own neighborhoods and enjoy new communication methods with friends and family.

So, when life adjusts in the future, how do we hold on to the positive practices social isolation has provided?

Write a list of everything you enjoyed

The global pandemic gave us all the opportunity to do things differently. We may have been pushed us into extremely tough situations. Yet when faced with adversity we may have found comfort in humanity and the coming together of communities. Let the good be your focus. Make a note of all the tasks or actions you took that gave you enjoyment. This is what’s important to continue with as we move into the new norm.

Shift your focus

From your list highlight what is truly important to you. That could be quality family time, making a routine to connect with friends over a drink or spend more time relaxing and enjoying hobbies. Decide what you’d like to keep doing in the months ahead and not left drift away as life moves on.

Make your new priorities a priority!

The same amount of time is given to each and every one of us daily. Its how we use the time that counts. Rather than trying to make these new priorities fit into your old routine, re-work your habits. Let go of tasks or behaviours which provided little value, now looking back in hindsight. Fill your time with things that matter, even if you can only afford 20 mins a day. These small changes can make a huge difference for our future well-being.

The COVID-19 outbreak is an event none of us have ever experienced. If there is some good to come from it all, let’s hold on to that for a more positive future.

We at the Broome Chamber can support you through your COVID-19 journey.  Whether it’s business assistance, advice, advocacy or assisting you in marketing your business, we are available to assist.  Please contact us on our hotline on 9193 5553 or 

Award-winning Kimberley tourism campaign returns

An award-winning tourism campaign featuring the charming adventures of a retired couple travelling the Kimberley Region of Western Australia is back.

The original Magic Kimberley campaign produced by Australia’s North West in 2019 was awarded the gold medal for Destination Marketing at the WA Tourism Awards and is in the running for the national awards to be presented next month.

Magic Kimberley – The Sequel launched today with a five-minute online video featuring much-loved characters Denise and Michael returning to the region for a new adventure on the Gibb River Road.

The Kimberley is renowned for its epic, ancient landscapes and Aboriginal history and culture, and includes destinations such as the Gibb River Road, Fitzroy River, Bungle Bungle Range, El Questro Station, Lake Argyle and the Mitchell Plateau.

Australia’s North West (ANW) CEO, Natasha Mahar, said the Magic Kimberley campaign had struck a chord with holidaymakers with its combination of authenticity and humour set against the unique Kimberley backdrop, and so bringing Denise and Michael back for a
follow-up campaign was an easy decision.

“People really loved Michael and Denise and how relatable they were as a typical ‘grey nomad’ couple and so the campaign proved highly successful, with the win at the WA Tourism Awards reflecting this,” Ms Mahar said.

“We’re operating in a difficult time for tourism in Australia with a range of factors impacting our industry, and so it’s really important we encourage people to be holidaying at home and supporting our many great tourism business operators.

“This campaign aims to encourage travellers, and particularly the 55-plus self-drive market, to make their dream a reality by experiencing the Kimberley’s incredible gorges, waterfalls, rivers and waterholes, Aboriginal culture and outback station life for themselves.

“We’re also really proud that both campaigns were produced on a minimal budget using local talent, including Kununurra residents Judy and Steve Farquhar who play Denise and Michael, and award-winning Broome film and production company Feral Films.”

Magic Kimberley – The Sequel will be rolled out online and on social media from Tuesday 18 February, supported by a range of material including advertising, itineraries, blogs and a cooperative partnership with travel wholesaler Broome, Kimberley & Beyond that will provide special offers for consumers and additional marketing support. The campaign can be viewed online here –




Media Contact:
Natasha Mahar
Chief Executive Officer
Australia’s North West Tourism
P: 08 9193 6660
M: 0455 333 877

So Broome creates Innovative Online Trip Planner

So Broome launched as a Broome focused destination marketing website in May 2016.  The site makes use of a unique social media aggregation tool that shares the positive social media content of Broome visitors to promote the town and surrounding area.

Today, So Broome migrated to a new redesigned website and platform with new and innovative functionality that will see it continue to grow as a major driver for interest in Broome and visitor information sharing.  The new site has two new major innovations;

1:  Genuine sharing of experiences by locals and travellers.  We’ve created Broome Experiences, which works  like a blog except each post is shorter and more succinct and each experience is submitted by a local or visitor.  Experiences are important as they can contain the sort of information you wouldn’t normally find in a travel agency.  This is a about visitors talking to visitors or locals about things to do in Broome.  Shared experiences are important because we know that travellers trust other travellers.

2:  A visual Trip Planner that allows a user to add relevant content on the So Broome website to their Trip via the “Add to Trip” button.  As the user adds content to their Trip, our site organises the content into sections such as “Accommodation I want to stay at”, “Events I want to go to”, “Things I want to experience”, “Bars and Café’s I want to go to” etc.  The Trip can then be saved, shared on social media for feedback, emailed to friends or printed.  Anyone clicking on a shared trip, will be prompted to start a trip of their own.  Any Broome businesses wanting to reach visitors will definitely want to have their business added to Trips and the new site makes it easier than ever for businesses to add themselves to the site.

With a planned strategic SEO campaign for the new site, we believe the So Broome Trip Planner will have major penetration as an online trip planning tool for Broome.  The Trip Planner will increase traveller awareness of the depth of unique experiences available in Broome and conversion from thinking about Broome to booking Broome.

Visit today


Robyn Maher

Phone:  0409 082 731



Chris Maher

Phone:  0418 905 244


VendorPanel Making Life Easier For Business

As part of the Shire of Broome’s ongoing effort to work better with local suppliers the Shire will soon manage the majority of sourcing through VendorPanel Marketplace.

VendorPanel Marketplace uses geolocation to enable staff to easily identify local suppliers and invite them to quote on work. It is entirely free for suppliers and  provides you with an easy to use tool to manage your quotes.

Registration is easy:

  1. Go to and click on the ‘Register Now’ button
  2. Search and select the best category for your business
  3. Click on the link you receive via email to complete your profile

Once registered, your business profile will be visible to buyers searching in your category and region of service.

If you need any help in registering, please contact VendorPanel Support: or 03 9095 6181.

The Shire Procurement team is holding VendorPanel registration support sessions if you would like assistance in registering.

These are being held at the Shire Administration building ‘Meeting Room 1’ on Tuesday 18 February, Thursday 20 February, Tuesday 25 February and Thursday 27th February between 3:30-5:30pm.

Please contact the Procurement team on the contact details below if you would like more individual support.

Shane Jacobson returns for new Broome tourism campaign

A new tongue-in-cheek tourism campaign showcasing Broome and the Dampier Peninsula in Australia’s North West and featuring popular Australian actor Shane Jacobson has launched.

The five-episode video series features Jacobson’s trademark humour set amongst breathtaking locations including the Horizontal Waterfalls, Cape Leveque, Waterfall Reef and Shell Island at Cygnet Bay, and Cable Beach, and includes guest appearances by Traditional Owners and tour operators from the region.

The campaign was produced by Australia’s North West Tourism and follows the first successful ‘Broome Time’ campaign from 2019 that was viewed more than 3 million times.

The premise behind the new videos is that Jacobson is back to enjoy more ‘Broome Time’ until his shoes are washed out to sea by the incoming tide on Cable Beach. He then embarks on a journey of discovery, and self-discovery, through Broome and the Dampier Peninsula in search of his lost shoes.

The digital campaign launched on Monday 27 January with episode one, and the following four episodes will be released on social media and online across the next two weeks.

Jacobson said he was excited to have the opportunity to work in Broome again and to explore the Dampier Peninsula as part of the campaign.

“The only people who ask ‘why do people keep coming back to Broome?’ are people who haven’t been to Broome yet,” he said.

“The one thing I’ve discovered about the Dampier Peninsula is that you discover 10 new amazing things every time you go that you didn’t know were there the last time you went.”

Australia’s North West Tourism CEO, Natasha Mahar, said the campaign was targeting Perth and East Coast audiences at a time when Australians were being encouraged to holiday domestically as part of Tourism Australia’s #HolidayHereThisYear campaign in the wake of the bushfire crisis.

“Our aim was to create an entertaining, authentic and inspiring campaign that will get people talking, and Shane Jacobson’s a popular, down-to-earth celebrity figure in Australia so we’re excited to work with him for the second time,” Ms Mahar said.

“The campaign is actually based on real-life events – after filming wrapped on the first campaign in 2018, Shane really did lose his shoes and there was an actual ‘Great Shoe Search’ in and around Broome to find them!

“In producing the new video series we also worked closely with tourism operators and Traditional Owners on the Dampier Peninsula to highlight the amazing tourism experiences they have to offer travellers and holidaymakers.

“In 2020 there will be seasonal direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane into Broome, as well as year-round flights from Darwin and Perth, so it’s important that we capitalise on this increasing accessibility of Broome as a tourism destination.

“We’ve also partnered with Qantas Hotels for this campaign which significantly increases our reach through Qantas’ own marketing channels, and adds incentives for travellers to visit Broome such as doubling Qantas points for accommodation bookings.”

The video campaign can be viewed at


Media Contact:
Natasha Mahar
Chief Executive Officer
Australia’s North West Tourism
M: 0455 333 877
P: 08 9193 6660