So Broome launched as a Broome focused destination marketing website in May 2016.  The site makes use of a unique social media aggregation tool that shares the positive social media content of Broome visitors to promote the town and surrounding area.

Today, So Broome migrated to a new redesigned website and platform with new and innovative functionality that will see it continue to grow as a major driver for interest in Broome and visitor information sharing.  The new site has two new major innovations;

1:  Genuine sharing of experiences by locals and travellers.  We’ve created Broome Experiences, which works  like a blog except each post is shorter and more succinct and each experience is submitted by a local or visitor.  Experiences are important as they can contain the sort of information you wouldn’t normally find in a travel agency.  This is a about visitors talking to visitors or locals about things to do in Broome.  Shared experiences are important because we know that travellers trust other travellers.

2:  A visual Trip Planner that allows a user to add relevant content on the So Broome website to their Trip via the “Add to Trip” button.  As the user adds content to their Trip, our site organises the content into sections such as “Accommodation I want to stay at”, “Events I want to go to”, “Things I want to experience”, “Bars and Café’s I want to go to” etc.  The Trip can then be saved, shared on social media for feedback, emailed to friends or printed.  Anyone clicking on a shared trip, will be prompted to start a trip of their own.  Any Broome businesses wanting to reach visitors will definitely want to have their business added to Trips and the new site makes it easier than ever for businesses to add themselves to the site.

With a planned strategic SEO campaign for the new site, we believe the So Broome Trip Planner will have major penetration as an online trip planning tool for Broome.  The Trip Planner will increase traveller awareness of the depth of unique experiences available in Broome and conversion from thinking about Broome to booking Broome.

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