Results from the fifth survey in our continuing series on the impact of COVID 19 on businesses in regional WA indicate that as we see more easing of restrictions and move towards a new way of doing business in regional WA,  confidence in regards to surviving and recovering has increased further.

92% of all respondents feel confident that their business will survive this pandemic and 63% have seen an increase in business activity since easing of restrictions commenced. We know this increased confidence is driven by many factors, with the access to relief and stimulus measures being a major one. This is also why 55% of all respondents have asked for JobKeeper to be extended.

Still the region of most concern for RCCIWA is the Kimberley Region – with many factors contributing to those businesses being the most severely impacted in regional WA right now. We will continue to advocate for additional support measures for Kimberley businesses and will utilise the data collected in our surveys to highlight their situation.

Please thank your members for completing our survey – the information is being well used and their opinion and feedback does matter. We know everyone is getting a bit surveyed out, so the fact that regional businesses are taking the time to complete it is most appreciated. You have our permission to share our survey reports, including those from Surveys Two, Three and Four.


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