Agunya Ltd and North Regional TAFE Young & Deadly Futures Program have been working together for several weeks in the Agunya workshop. The aim of the program is to provide pre-training and work skills to at risk youth, and engage in meaningful employment.  We have engaged several young people aged between 14-16 year old. They have settled well into this program and will soon be ready to explore work opportunities in local business.

We are looking for local business owners who have a passion for supporting local youth and have the capacity to mentor and support them in a workplace environment. We propose 2-3 times a week they come for a 2 hour period and experience what it is like to be mentored and supported in a safe learning space.

Agunya and or the TAFE will provide pre-placement training to ensure the hosts are aware of the needs of the young people and give them mentoring support. This is a wonderful opportunity to embrace local youth, with the support of the trainers from the TAFE and Agunya. Please let Kyall Forster, Access Lecturer NR TAFE know if you are interested in being a part if this exciting initiative.

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