When Craig Faulkner arrived in Broome late last year to take up his role as CEO Kimberley Ports, he stated that one of his goals is to work closely with the local community. There are many ways Craig and his team are achieving this and one that is of interest right now is the extensive procurement process that is underway involving many of Broome’s small businesses. KPA spends millions with the Broome and Kimberley business community, and during the past two weeks KPA invited expressions of interest for 20 different trade and trade-related job categories involving nearly 50 local businesses. KPA and small businesses know that winning government-related contracts can be complex, time consuming and is often a high cost. This is a common theme and was very strongly the feedback from the Economic Forum held in Broome in July 2019.

With this in mind, KPA has developed a proposal process that allows small businesses to submit their proposals by responding to a survey issued by KPA. Radar Gillett, KPA Procurement Superintendent, says that ‘the survey approach meets KPA’s corporate governance requirements while at the same time reduces complexity, time and cost for small businesses, as well as ensuring fairness, transparency and openness. The survey contains about 25 questions with some of these requiring simple ‘check box’ responses. So, it should take less than 60 minutes to complete. This represents a significant improvement compared to a standard Request for Proposal process which results in a document of 50 or more pages and requires the submission of a large number of reports. Winning new business is an important cost for all businesses, but the less distraction and the less cost the better’.

KPA held an information session for small businesses on Tuesday and the interested parties have a window of two weeks to complete the survey. Radar says that the survey also allows participants to provide feedback regarding the process and KPA is looking forward to receiving the proposals and the feedback.


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