Invitation to Broome workshops May 1 and ….

Do you have a new business, product or service idea but aren’t sure where to start?

Want to be sure your blind passion won’t send you broke?

What if you could talk to people in the same industry who could share the lessons they’ve learned through their own mistakes?

Validator Bootcamp is a free two-part workshop coming to Broome to help you fast-track your business dream into a successful reality.

Developed in regional WA, hosted by Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry and funded by the Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Validator Bootcamp helps you work out whether your business ideas will send you to the top or just send you broke – all before you take the leap.

The workshop is part of an online business incubator called Generator Network which is helping overcome the challenges facing business innovation in the regions.

People in remote and regional areas don’t have the same access to the business incubators and innovation spaces that help city businesses launch quicker and better.

Generator Network bridges that gap – providing online resources to instantly link regional business people with the contacts, strategies and resources they need to get moving with confidence.

Validator Bootcamp supports your “blue sky vision” while helping you to keep your feet on the ground. It’s all about saving you the time and money wasted on costly but avoidable mistakes in the early days.

The Broome workshops will help you prove or “validate” your idea by:

  • Using tools to test demand for your product or service
  • Sharing strategies to develop your idea
  • Making sure you know how to meet your customers’ needs
  • Teaching strategies to attract customers and investors
  • Getting you to “pitch” your ideas and receive feedback

Bookings and info: Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry | 9193 5553 | Level 1, Woody’s Arcade, 15-17 Dampier Terrace.


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