28 March 2019

Heavy rainfall caused by Tropical Cyclone Veronica has closed a number of roads between Pilbara towns, resulting in a disruption to gas deliveries to the power stations in the West Kimberley region.

Horizon Power is asking customers in the West Kimberley towns of Broome, Derby and Fitzroy Crossing to assist them in conserving power station fuel supplies and maintaining a reliable and safe power supply for all customers.

Retail and Community Manager Jodie Lynch said customers were encouraged to consider cutting back on any unnecessary electricity use, where it was safe to do so.

“Cyclone Veronica has delivered extensive rain and flooding to the Pilbara region, resulting in a temporary closure to the Great Northern Highway and causing disruption to gas deliveries for power stations,” Ms Lynch said.

“Whilst agencies are doing what they can to open these roads, we are mindful that if customers can conserve power during the peak, we can remain confident of existing reserves.

“Although Horizon Power does not expect this request to be prolonged, it is part of our contingency strategy, should the roads remain closed for longer than expected.

“If customers are elderly, unwell or very young we do not anticipate they need to reduce their power use,” she said.

A few simple steps to help conserve power include:

  • Wherever possible, turn off any unnecessary lights and non-essential appliances
  • If you’re using the air conditioner, set it to 24 degrees, or consider using fans instead
  • Turn off your pool pumps
  • Please consider using backup generation, if you have this available

Horizon Power appreciates that this may be an inconvenience to some customers and looks forward to providing an update as information becomes available.

If any customers are without power, we encourage them to contact our Faults and Emergencies Line on 13 23 51.

For more information on ways to save energy, contact the Horizon Power Residential Account Enquiries line on 1800 267 926 or Business Account Enquiries Line on 1800 737 036.


Media contact

For Horizon Power media enquiries, please telephone Kaye Hopkins

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Mobile: 0436 635 827

Email: kaye.hopkins@horizonpower.com.au


About Horizon Power

Horizon Power provides safe and reliable power to homes, businesses and communities across 2.3 million square kilometres of regional and remote Western Australia.

We operate 38 different power systems across the Pilbara, Kimberley, Gascoyne, MidWest and Goldfields-Esperance region, each tailored to the unique needs of that community, town or region.

Our 450 strong team of people work to ensure we are providing the lowest cost sustainable energy solutions for our customers, leveraging new technologies in an increasingly renewable energy landscape.

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