The number one challenge within organisations today, is communication!

Communication between management and staff.

Communication between staff and customers.

Communication between one department and another.

Communication between those on the frontline, and those out back.

Communication between individual members of staff.

The core reason underpinning most miscommunication, is quite simply because very few people have been schooled in what effective communication is, what are its component parts, and how to put those key essentials into action.

Here are just a few of those key essentials to achieve effective communication:

  • Culture is key … creating an environment built around clear and agreed boundaries, tough love, respect and responsibility.
  • Building and establishing rapport … the importance of developing trust, reliability, and credibility.
  • Modes of communication … what are the component parts, and what is your preferred communication style?
  • Active listening … the do’s and don’ts to maximize listening skills and overcoming barriers to effective listening.
  • Questioning techniques … the various types of questions and knowing how and when to use them.
  • The power of empathy … embracing diversity and valuing individual differences.
  • Conflict … the different types, and simple strategies to handle and diffuse it.
  • Difficult and/or upset customers … understanding the motivation, the source, and how to handle difficult behavior.
  • Customer complaints … learning to love them, turning complainants into advocates.
  • Anger diffusion … a simple six-step process and understanding how your behaviour can influence others.
  • Excellence … creating a culture of communication excellence.

Business today is all about relationships … service-focussed communication is the fuel that drives high-quality frontline relationships, which in turn drives high-quantity bottomline results.

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Professional Speaker, Service Designer and Business Coach Graham Harvey is the bestselling author of Seducing the Vigilante Customer: 101 winning strategies to attract and retain happy customers and healthy profits. He is recognised as one of Australasia’s foremost thought  leaders on Service Design, Customer Experience and Relationship Marketing.  Commencing his business consultancy in 1986, he continues to work with a multitude of organisations throughout the Asia Pacific region helping them grow their business by achieving greater clarity of future, and designing and delivering innovative customer experience and relationship marketing strategies.

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