With 2019 shaping up as a big year economically in Broome, Broome Chamber is offering new and small businesses a chance to get the most out of Broome’s local directory and website. Remodelling the directory’s production process has allowed BCCI to slash the rates for listing and advertising by up to 65% and relabel the annual publication the Love Broome Directory.

According to project manager Elisabeth Lucke there are three things to focus on when you’re thinking about making the most of the directory to communicate about our town, and to market your business.

“First, the Love Broome Directory allows you to list your personal details, your business and your community organisation free of charge. These will all be in the A-Z section so whoever knows a name can find you.”

“Second, make the most of listings and categories. In the business section there will be many more product categories in 2019, so choose the subjects where people in Broome will be looking for your products and services. Or, add your own category, all will be considered.”

“Third, have a good think about where you really want or need your advertising to be seen. The directory book and website will be around for twelve months, so it’s a great and long-lasting chance to capture visitors, new residents and locals.”

BCCI President, Peter Taylor said “Broome’s directory is still the best place to find what you need locally. It will be present in tourist accommodation as well as to all local residents.” Copies will be available through the Broome Chamber and the Shire of Broome, and the Directory website offers ongoing marketing opportunities as well.

More information is available on the Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry website, by emailing directory@broomechamber.com.au or by calling 9196 0028.

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