Over the past eight years, the team at the Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation’s Lombadina Airport have been providing hot refueling services to the helicopter operators who fly out to the Browse Basin on behalf of oil and gas companies such as Shell and Inpex.

The revenue generated by the airport activities have allowed DAC to fund many community activities on the Dampier Peninsula and the wages earned by our local employees are fundamentally changing their families’ futures.

In 2018, DAC undertook a feasibility study to analyse if it was financially and technically feasible to redevelop its airport to become the primary heliport for the Browse Basin. As one of the airports closest to the Browse Basin, it is a unique commercial opportunity for the DAC and the Dampier Peninsula. In December the DAC community voted to proceed to a full business plan for the project based on the outcomes of that study. The Plan is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

This project will require the community to take on a significant increase in job and business opportunities, both for the residents on the Peninsula and the rest of the Shire of Broome. During the construction phase alone, we predict there will be 50 – 70 jobs generated and DAC’s view is that many of these jobs work for small businesses should be available to the people of the Kimberley first.

If we proceed with the project, we hope to be ready to take aircraft and helicopter operators by mid-2022. We are also aiming to be working with a range of businesses from across the Shire to provide all of the goods and services required to support the airport, as part of a broader logistics hub offering to the oil and gas companies in the Browse Basin, with Broome as the marine and general logistics hub.


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