Chinatown Broome Town Team is a BCCI led positive and proactive initiative that include businesses, landowners and residents working collaboratively with Shire of Broome to reinvigorate and activate Chinatown.

Chinatown is Broome’s primary business, retail and entertainment area and holds an important place as part of Broome’s identity. Registered with Town Team Movement, the goal of the Chinatown Broome Town Team is to ensure Chinatown is a vibrant, dynamic and active centre for Broome for people to socialise and do business.

The Chinatown Broome Town Team steering committee is a local group of business owners including:

  • Peter Taylor – Bizspace
  • David Galwey – Galwey Pearls
  • Cori Fong – Betty’s Frock Shop
  • Marisa Ferraz – Sun Pictures
  • Peter Coppin – Roebuck Bay Hotel
  • Tony Molloy – Betta Home Living
  • Tamyla Strahan – Paspaley Plaza
  • Anthony Simmons – Short Street Gallery
  • James Down – Broome Gallery
  • Andrew Chambers – Sun Pictures
  • Chelsea Stewart- Allure Pearls

If you interested in being part of the Chinatown Broome Town Team Steering Committee, please contact HERE.

Chinatown Broome Town Team Commitments

  1. Be Non-Political

We are not political or politically-aligned and are independent from governments. We include people from all walks of life creating positive change in the community of Broome. We work for the benefit of community, not for individual or factional advancement nor political reasons.

  1. Cooperate and Empower

Chinatown Broome Town Team includes businesses and residents working cooperatively to create vibrant, sustainable and successful places. We are run by the community, for the community. We aim to empower people through innovation and creativity.

  1. Provide Positive Leadership

We aim to be positive influences in our community and lead by example. We build the resilience; connections; understanding; tolerance and generosity of our community.

  1. Think Holistically

We aim to spread benefits to all sectors of the community. Creating positive change requires broad discussions and a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve and how to deliver this vision.

  1. Promote High-Quality Development

We encourage high-quality, environmentally sustainable development that provides for current and future residents, businesses and communities. We innovate to create regenerative communities.

  1. Behave Responsibly and Ethically

We and our members operate with integrity, honesty and respect at all times.


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