Chinatown Broome Town Team hosted a Sundowner last night for all Chinatown traders and landowners, celebrating the registration of the local Town Team and collaboration of businesses in the precinct to activate and get Chinatown’s mojo back.

The event, held at Broome Gallery, was attended by over 60 local businesses in the precinct, all celebrating the end of Stage 1 of the revitalisation project and keen to here how they can all work together to bring more people to Chinatown more often, to linger longer and spend more money.

Town teams are positive and proactive groups that include businesses, landowners and residents working collaboratively with their local government to improve a place or area, often a town centre or ‘main street’.  Town teams are focused on building relationships and practical actions. They:

  • Provide vision and leadership for their place
  • Are positive and proactive
  • Are non-political in their approach
  • Get stuck in and have a go rather than waiting for “someone else” to do “something”
  • Independent from governments
  • Supportive of high-quality, environmentally sustainable development that provides for current and future residents, businesses and communities
  • Run by the community for the community

We look forward to our local businesses in Chinatown working together to make Chinatown the “heart and soul of Broome”.  To find out more about the Chinatown Broome Town Team or want to be a part of this community based movement, CLICK HERE 



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