The public comment periods for the NWS Project Extension Proposal’s Environmental Review Document (ERD) and the Browse to NWS Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) / Environmental Review Document (ERD) closes on Wednesday, 12 February.

The environmental review documents describe each of the proposals, examines possible environmental effects and outlines the proposed environmental management approach associated with the proposed developments.

Woodside encourages interested parties’ participation in the public comment period which ends on 12 February 2020.

Copies of the documentation may be downloaded from or

Interested parties may make submissions via the Environmental Protection Authority’s consultation hub:

If you have a particular interest in these activities please email Woodside at or call toll free on 1800 442 977.

More information on these proposed projects can be found on the Woodside website.

Want help with your submission of support?  Download a letter template HERE or contact the BCCI today – 089193 5553


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