Following the development of the Broome Growth Plan in 2017, the Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry and LandCorp identified a need to gain a better understanding of the current issues affecting business and industry in Broome. Of particularly interest was
understanding if there are any gaps in the local production of goods and services.

By gaining a better understanding of opportunities, BCCI and LandCorp hope to support the establishment and growth of new businesses and industries in Broome, improving outcomes for existing businesses and the community. Developing more options to ‘buy local’ strengthens the economy as local businesses employ local workers and primarily serve local consumers. They also diversify the economic base and raise the overall level of economic activity through money re-spent locally (Robinson, 2010).

The survey results indicate there may be opportunities to encourage the establishment of new businesses to supply additional goods and services locally in Broome. This is supported by approximately two thirds of respondents believing there was an overall problem sourcing goods cost effectively in Broome. This was further supported by 19 respondents mentioning that limited availability was the main issue behind sourcing the goods/services.

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