Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners for 2020!

The Chamber had 68 entries across 16 categories which is a record number of applications!


Here are the results for 2020:                                                                                                          

Award for “Home Based Business”                      

Highly Commended – Taryn Yeates Photography

Taryn Yeates Photography specialises in Architecture, Real Estate and Portraiture photography, catering for a large number of Broome businesses including real estates and builders.

WINNER – Hats by Felicity

Milliner, Felicity Brown creates bespoke headwear using hand-collected feathers and locally grown pearls, combined with the classic materials and techniques of the trade from her back yard studio here in Broome.  Judges were impressed with this business’ strategies implemented for growth and demonstrated results in achieving organisational strategies. 

102.9FM Triple M Broome Award for best “Franchise Business”

WINNER – F45 Training

As their second year winning this award, F45 Training Broome as grown from strength to strength.  Although significantly hit by the restrictions of COVID-19, F45’s comprehensive strategy of engagement has seen them retain members and provide a platform for connection for their members during this turbulent year.

Nymaba Buru Yawuru Award for best “Aboriginal Business”

WINNER – Mabu Mayi Cafe

Mabu Mayi, meaning ‘Good Food’ in Yawuru, certainly provides a healthy option celebrating Broome’s unique flavours and native ingredients.  Since opening in 2019, the business has gone from strength to strength, adopting a workforce strategy to engage Aboriginal people in training and employment, whilst strengthening cultural knowledge and creating confidence in the industry.  

Australia’s North West Tourism Award for best “Tourism Business”

Highly Commended – Willie Creek Pearls

Willie Creek Pearls offer the complete pearl experience, from telling the story of history and pearling in Broome, to educating thousands of visitors a year about modern-day Pearling, right through to commercial pearl farming and jewellery manufacture, they are passionate about every part of the unique story of the Pearl of Western Australia, from shell to showroom.

WINNER – Air Kimberley

Formerly King Leopold Air, Air Kimberley have been flying in the Kimberley since 1992.  With a passion to connect people to the Kimberley through unforgettable experiences, increase cultural awareness of the region, promotion of sustainable tourism and sharing the amazing landscape through knowledge, excellence, and safety, judges were impressed by their thorough submission with examples of continuous improvements and subsequent results to their business amongst adversity.

Award for Not-for-Profit Organisation

Highly Commended – SAFE Broome

Saving Animals From Euthanasia or SAFE Broome is WA largest animal rescue organisation using the foster model, and have been in Broome for over 14 years.  During this time, they have recruited a team of dedicated volunteers and widespread community support to continue to operate and provide their vital support to the community. 

WINNER – Mens Outreach Service Aboriginal Corporation

Mens Outreach Service Aboriginal Corporation provides a range of support services to men, their families and communities of Broome and the Kimberley region.  With key programs in the areas of youth suicide prevention, family domestic violence, men’s health and wellbeing and a child and youth bike engagement program, Mens Outreach Service has become a vital service for the local community.  Judges were impressed by their maturity and growth strategies to commit to providing essential services in the region.

Footprint Cleaning Award for best “Start-up Business”

Highly Commended – Little Wildflower Pop-up Picnics

Little Wildflower Pop Up Picnics is a boutique picnic and catering business.  Utilising pristine locations of Broome, their vision is to create a unique and memorable 5 star experience for their guests.  A high commendation to their ability to innovate during the restrictions COVID-19 created. 

WINNER – Mable and Co Vintage Caravan Bar

Mable and Co Vintage Caravan Bar for hire specialises in serving refreshments at events and celebrations from their vintage VW caravan .  Established in Broome in 2019, they pride themselves in their flexibility to create a unique personalise package for their customer.  Their strategies to create business awareness and collaboration with complimentary businesses has seen their following and customer base increase over the first year of operation, to produce a sustainable micro business. 

Elgas LPG Award for “Community Engagement”

WINNER – Life and Soul Broome

Life and Soul prides itself for being more than just a health and fitness club, rather a community for local people to meet and exercise together… a place of ‘welcome’ where every person in Broome is accepted and treated with respect. 

Being a major supporter of community events and facilitating programs to make a stronger community, Peter and Cindy feel that is their opportunity to contribute to the local community that supports them.  Forced to cease operations during COVID, Life and Soul supported their members and the general community with online discussion groups, mental health well-being sessions, practical tips and tricks for home exercise and sanctuary for many who had their fitness facility taken away from them. 

Kimberley Small Business Support Award for “Business with 0 – 5 Employees”

Highly Commended – Hats by Felicity

Judges were impressed at Hats By Felicity’s ability to innovate during the COVID-19 period by promoting and expanding on online sales of her products and writing an e-book during the height of the lockdown.  This enabled a source of revenue during uncertain times. 

WINNER – Broome Dental Clinic

Broome Dental Clinic is the longest practicing dental service in Broome and has a loyal patient base of locals and visitors in the region.  Their capacity and staffing agenda allows them to see more patients during the day, providing an essential service to the Broome Community.  Judges were astounded at their demonstrated growth of the business, patient care and modernisation and innovation to cater to their patients.  This business also showed a high level of resilience during the COVID-19 restrictions, and has bounced back to pre-covid operations. 

Shakespeare Total Financial Solutions Award for “Business with 6 – 20 Employees”

Highly Commended – Broome Plumbing & Gas

Established in 1987, Broome Plumbing and Gas has been servicing the Broome and surrounding communities, specialising in plumbing, gasfitting, solar hot water systems, retail outdoor furniture, BBQs and Webers, Commercial Cooking Equipment, and as an ELGAS agent for the region.  Owners Rob and Tash have strived to build a solid reputation throughout the community by providing a wealth of knowledge and experience to local residences and businesses of the region. Judges applauded their careful business planning, impressive dedication and contribution to the community.

WINNER – Best IT & Business Solutions

Best IT and Business Solutions has been going from strength to strength since opening in 2003.  With three main offices and a commitment to support the North West region, they are the largest privately-owned IT company in the Kimberley and Pilbara.  Owners Matt and Zoe have strived to build a solid customer base by providing the latest business solutions in an ever-changing environment.  Judges were impressed by their ability to effectively manage staff for retention across multiple sites, commitment to staff development and team nurturing and commitment to the local community charities.  

Phoenix Insurance Brokers Award for a “Business with 21+ Employees”

WINNER – Willie Creek Pearls

After their humble beginnings in Broome and over 30 years operation, this family owned and operated businesses has demonstrated foresight and innovation which sets them apart from the crowd across so many business levels.  As one of Broome’s highest employers, Willie Creek Pearls still seek many of their goods and services from local businesses with a robust Buy Local Policy, and consistently contribute to many local charities and community groups of Broome. 

Kimberley Ports Authority Award for “Customer Service”

Highly Commended – Willie Creek Pearls

With a company mission statement of “Our Mission is to provide authentic, entertaining and memorable experiences, Willie Creek Pearls have well developed customer engagement and feedback strategies to monitor and improve on delivery

WINNER – Broome Plumbing & Gas and

The history and commitment to the community of Broome Plumbing and Gas has identified that they know their customer demographics and use this information to create and retain loyal customers.  With a well-structured Customer Service Policy developed by the full team ensures that all staff are able to provide an excellent and consistent customer experience for all.

Horizon Power Innovation Award

WINNER – Broome Plumbing and Gas

Judges were really impressed with the degree to which Broome Plumbing and Gas adapted to the challenges of remote work sites and time critical responses in a challenging COVID environment.  Congratulations to Tash, Rob, Dave and the team

Broome Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame

WINNER – Footprint Cleaning

The business journey for Footprint Cleaning has been fast and furious, but not without enormous dedication and careful attention by owners Aaron and Taryn Ryan.  In 2017, after just six months in operation Footprint Cleaning was awarded the Start Up Award having already achieved incredible milestones within this short frame of time.  In 2018, Footprint Cleaning was highly commended for the small business award in the 5 to 10 employee category, and won the awards for Community Engagement and Working Together. In 2019, this business cleaned up the awards with three awards and a highly commended. 

With five awards, and two highly commended within three years, it’s safe to say that this record is unbeaten and we’re thrilled to acknowledge Footprint Cleaning as an exceptional business with induction into the BCCI Business Awards Hall of Fame. 

Shell Australia “Business of the Year”

WINNER – Broome Plumbing and Gas

Established in 1987, Broome Plumbing and Gas has been servicing the Broome and surrounding communities, specialising in plumbing, gasfitting, solar hot water systems, retail outdoor furniture, BBQs and Webers, Commercial Cooking Equipment, and as an ELGAS agent for the region.  Owners Rob and Tash have strived to build a solid reputation throughout the community by providing a wealth of knowledge and experience to local residences and businesses of the region. Judges were impressed by their careful business planning, impressive dedication and contribution to the community.

INPEX Operated Ichthys LNG Joint Venture Award for “Business Person of the Year”

WINNER – Darren Banfield from Willie Creek Pearls

Darren has been a pillar of the tourism industry for the last 30 years, representing Broome as a destination for tourism, whilst concurrently creating employment opportunities and pathways for Broome locals.   Darren’s collaborative and approachable nature, combined with his business acumen and passion for tourism in the North West sets him apart as a highly regarded, positive role model within the Broome community

WINNER – Natasha Aristei from Broome Plumbing and Gas

As a well-known personality of the business and Broome community, Natasha has earnt the accolades of this award, leading by example with her own commitments and dedication.  Her commitment to her business, her staff and team, and passion of netball and community sport has ensured her devotion to the community has been consistent over the past 33 years.  Natasha’s ability and passion to be a mentor to other aspiring businesses in the region is highly regarded by the Broome business community.


A big thank you to our major sponsor for these awards – INPEX.

Thank you also to our category sponsors – 102.9Fm Triple M, Nyamba Buru Yawuru, Australia’s North West Tourism, Footprint Cleaning, Elgas, Kimberley Small Business Support, Shakespeare Total Financial Solutions, Kimberley Ports Authority, Horizon Power and Shell Australia.


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